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103-year-old Woman Goes On Bike Ride To Celebrate End Of Quarantine (Photos)

A 103-year-old Michigan woman identified as Dorothy Pollack has celebrated an end to coronavirus quarantine in grand style by getting a tattoo and also going on a bike ride.

 Pollack decided to check off some bucket list items after spending months in isolation during a coronavirus lockdown at a nursing home. Pollack’s granddaughter, Teresa Zavtiz-Jones, told CNN, “COVID-19 had her in prison for months.”“The nurse in the home said she was horribly depressed and we needed to get her out.

We couldn’t see her so we had no idea how she really was. She’s extremely hard of hearing so phone calls were not helpful.” She says that after being discharged, she decided to get a tattoo. The grandmother got a tattoo of a frog, which she says is the one thing she loves more than beer and burgers.

The tattoo artist says she took the needle like a champ, and he didn’t see her flinch once.

 Pollack told CNN,“It was pretty exciting because years ago my grandson wanted me to get one and I wouldn’t do it,” Pollack continued with a chuckle.

“All of a sudden, I decided I would like to have one. And if I could, a frog. Because I like frogs.” After the tattoo, she hopped on the back of a motorcycle and went for a ride.

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